The Minister’s Crucible Recommendations

Fred Rochester

The sanctity of the call. The holy state or quality of the call of God on your life. When you answered the call, it’s because a divine holy moment separated you from among the people. You work for the Head of the Church, not the people. To give them the Word of God.

The word “Crucible” means “cross.” When the Lord called you, you should already be carrying the full weight of your cross. Therefore, ministry is about giving your life as a living sacrifice.

Decisions Determine DESTINY

Every decision you make will affect you and those you minister to. The gospel of Jesus Christ is what we serve the people. Look to give them the Word of God and to live as an example to the people. If you’re not following Christ, how can you expect people to follow Christ? Make the decision to follow Jesus no matter the cost.

Do you know Jesus?

You can’t minister to people who you don’t know yourself. Prayer, fasting, living the Word of God. True spirituality is in your obedience to the Scriptures, not in how well you speak and your magnetic personality. Knowing Jesus demands a crucified life, for Jesus said, ““If anyone desires to follow Me, let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow after Me.” Leonard Ravenhill once said, “He got up on His cross, not get up on yours.”

Leading Them To Jesus

Remember when you were first saved? It was the greatest moment of your life. And it will remain the greatest moment of your life. When we preach the gospel, if we fail to show them how to be saved, we’ve failed. The ministry isn’t about you and how you influence people, unless by the power of God, the Lord uses you to lead them to Jesus. Without this element, your ministry is futile.

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